Sunday School

Our Sunday School starts at 9:15 and concludes at 10:15 a.m. each Sunday morning. We have classes for every age range from birth to the oldest senior adults. Our adults have the option of meeting in a coed class or men and women only class. Our Sunday School faculty is made up of people who are committed to the Lord, feel called to teach a class, and who love to work with people. We use all Southern Baptist approved literature from LifeWay resources as our curriculum. The Bible Remains the central book from which we teach. Being in a Sunday school class also provides great opportunities for fellowship, making friends, sharing with others, encouraging folks to develop and grow a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We have a place for everyone in our Sunday school and we invite you to come and be a part of our dynamic teaching ministry.


We offer numerous opportunities for spiritual growth in addition to our regular Sunday school and worship ministries. Our children and youth enjoy discipleship programs each week on Wednesday evenings and Sunday evenings. We offer a menu of discipleship courses for our adults each quarter, which allows them to choose courses which interest them the most and would enhance their personal spiritual growth. Most of our adult discipleship courses meet on Wednesday nights and Sunday evenings prior to worship, but some meet at other times as needed. Check out the discipleship courses that are being offered each quarter and join us for those that would benefit you the most. All of our courses are open to anyone who would like to take them.